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Recent Developments at Discovery Press - Updated February 17, 2012


Writing and Speaking for Technical Professionals

by Martin S. Roden and Teressa E. Murphy

Now Available in both

Print Edition and on Kindle (Only $9.99)

ISBN: 978-0-9793487-3-0

.Dr. Roden has created a 22 minute PowerPoint presentation to motivate students and give an overview of the importance of communication skills. The presentation touches on important techniques to improve written and oral communication. It has been well-received by students, and permission is hereby given to faculty to use this even if they don't adopt the text. To view this, click HERE. The file is large, so be patient as you downhload.



If you are a highly student-oriented engineering faculty member and have ideas you wish to explore about publishing a text with us, please contact us at

Powerful Tina software updated - 

can now run on Windows Vista

You can now download Tina simulation software directly from the web. This powerful and user-friendly program simulates electronic circuits and performs various types of analysis. We have pre-programmed most of the Electronic Design text examples directly into the program. You can run the simulation and compare the results to those found in the textbook.


Engineering Technology majors

Looking for a motivational book for Engineering Technology majors' Studying Engineering, the best-selling text by Dr. Raymond B. Landis, has been well received by both Engineering and Engineering Technology faculty and students. Chapter 2 of this text relates to careers in Engineering, so we are offering an alternative Chapter 2 geared toward Engineering Technology students. This version of Chapter 2 is available on the web here.

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