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Discovery Press was born in 1994 as a partnership between two faculty members, Dean Raymond B. Landis and Prof. Martin S. Roden. The company was started to offer an alternative to the major publishers, particularly in the area of pricing.

            The first text produced by Discovery Press was Studying Engineering, a Roadmap to a Successful Career. This text was offered at $22.95, a price that has barely changed in 12 years through two editions. Texts of this length from other publishers typically sell at twice this price or more.

            The pricing policy continued as the publisher expanded into areas of the core Electrical Engineering curriculum. We now have introductory texts in the areas of Introduction to Engineering, Analog and Digital Communications, and Electronic Design.

              In 2009, we added a Technical Communications text to our lineup. Writing and Speaking for Technical Professionals is a student-oriented text which is ideally suited to writing and communications courses in Engineering, Business, and the sciences. It also serves the "writing across the curriculum" component of technical majors, including senior design. It covers student writing, professional writing and oral communications in an entertaining and non-threatening way. With a retail price of $24.95, it continues our tradition of student-friendly pricing.  

              Besides a pricing structure very sensitive to students, the books of Discovery Press are highly student oriented. A student commented that “the books are written for students, and not as an ego trip for the author to impress readers with their extensive knowledge.”

            While Discovery Press will remain small, we are in an expansion mode with the new text covering Technical Writing, and several other projects under negotiation. We are always interested in talking with prospective authors, although we will continue to be highly selective in choosing projects.


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