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Submitting Syllabi or projects to go in on-line directory
I have created an on-line directory of "projects" (engineering design or otherwise) that would be suitable for use with first-year engineering students in an Introduction to Engineering course. I've also created an on-line file of the syllabi faculty have submitted for Introduction to Engineering classes. Please consider sharing your syllabi and/or projects. You can send me a copy of your syllabus (in WORD or pdf form) to my email address below.
If you use any projects with your students, do you have one or more Project Assignments/Statements that could be posted on the Discovery Press website? If you have a specific project name you would like to have the project statement posted under, please send that as well.
The directory will serve as a resource for instructors of Introduction to Engineering courses. As far as I know, no such resource currently exists.
Thanks for your help with this.
Ray Landis
Dean Emeritus of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
California State University, Los Angeles
[email protected]