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    Writing and Speaking for Technical Professionals

    A user-friendly guide to effective technical writing and technical presentations.

    By  Martin S. Roden and Teressa E. Murphy
    2009 - 294 pages 

    ISBN: 978-0-9793487-3-0

    Price: $24.95. Bookstores (and other quantity purchases): $18.71
    Now Available in e-book form through Amazon.com.

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    Writing and Speaking for Technical Professionals is written for engineering and technical students and professionals interested in improving communication skills. It is ideally suited for a course in writing or speaking skills at a College or University regardless of whether the course is offered in the Engineering Department, Technology Department, English Department, or Business School. It can also be used as a handbook and reference for working professionals in the academic and business worlds.

    After illustrating the importance of effective communications, the book focuses on building skills in a systematic manner, discussing a variety of professional writing and presentation projects.  It even includes topics such as resume writing and leaving effective voice mail or text messages. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter to reinforce the information in the text. The book focuses on the the most important aspects of communications for technical professionals and provides many tips for success. It is written in a clear and entertaining style. 


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